FOSRx/FAST Specialty Pharmacy to Expand in TX While Closing Location in TN

Cumberland, MD — May 26, 2017

Factor One Source Pharmacy (FOSRx/FAST) announced today the acquisition of a Dallas, TX specialty pharmacy. In parallel, an existing FOSRx/FAST pharmacy location in Dickson, TN will be acquired by the same pharmacy. The official date of the acquisitions and divestitures is expected to be May 26, 2017.

The deal was initiated by FOSRx/FAST to strengthen market presence in the Louisiana-Texas area, and to leverage existing relationships with providers, payors, and their patient base.

“FOSRx/FAST has a strong market presence in the south-central US, and the acquisition of a Dallas, TX pharmacy provides the structure to continue expansion in the region,” said Dr. Sajal Roy, President and Chief Executive Officer to FOSRx/FAST.

“While we are disappointed to leave the Nashville, TN market, we had to do so because of payor reimbursement changes centered around the State Medicaid TennCare. The pharmacy acquiring our Dickson location follows a model that will allow for them to be successful in this type of market while we focus on regions conducive to our business model. This mutual agreement will make both of our companies stronger and more competitive in the specialty pharmacy landscape,” said Roy.

The acquisition of the Dallas-based specialty pharmacy follows Factor One Source Pharmacy’s acquisition of Fast Access Specialty Therapeutics (FAST) earlier this year in Metairie, LA.


FOSRx/FAST, is a dual-entity specialty pharmacy headquartered in Cumberland, Maryland with the ability to serve patients with a variety of medical conditions nationwide. The combined specialty pharmacies are each dual accredited, and offer convenient medicine delivery for specialty conditions to the location of patients’ choice: home, hospital, physician’s office, or infusion center. The company focuses on clinical experience, patient support, and has excelled in servicing people with complex or hard-to-manage medications for Ig therapy, neurology, rheumatology, dermatology, hematology, oncology, addiction recovery, and osteoporosis.


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Written by: J. Kelly