Scholarship FAQs

Have you heard about our scholarship program? Every year our company gives thousands of dollars away to people living with chronic/complex medical conditions seeking higher education. You can learn more on our Scholarship Page, here.

We are currently taking applications, which means we get a lot of phone calls at this time of year to ask questions or clarify certain eligibility requirements. We’d like to tackle the most common questions in this post today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my high school age student apply now, and use the scholarship money in the future?

A: Only people attending college/university in Fall, 2018 are eligible to apply (including students at any point during their secondary education). That means high school seniors ARE able to apply if they are enrolled in college come fall semester, but that juniors, sophomores, and freshman are ineligible to apply until they are college-bound. It also sometimes means that they are competing against people in graduate or doctoral programs.

Q: I applied last year and didn’t receive the scholarship. Can I reapply?

A: YES, you can reapply. However, if you are a previous winner, you are no longer eligible. We have many new applicants every year, and want as many as possible to have the opportunity at being awarded our scholarships.

Q: Does my doctor’s office need to sign the form and fax it to you directly?

A: Many clinics have different policies on this type of thing, so we accept both electronic signatures and ink signatures that have been scanned in. Ideally you will have as few attachments as possible in your submission email to us.

Q:  Can we apply for multiple tiers of scholarship if we qualify for more than one?

A: No. Please only select the highest tier you qualify for. This is in your best interest, as the lower tiers generally have more applicants.

Q: If we applied in a previous year, can we use the same application form?

A: We do not recommend this, as eligibility requirements have changed. As we grow, we make adjustments to the process to make it easier on our committee to sort through the applicants.

Q: If I am from out of the country but plan to study abroad in the U.S., may I apply?

A: Our scholarship program is only for permanent residents of the U.S., but thanks for checking.

Q: I have been diagnosed with a condition listed under Treated Conditions, so does that mean my [son, daughter, sibling, spouse] can apply since they are in my family?

A: While we understand that a condition can affect an entire family, only the diagnosed individual may apply, and that money must be used on their own education.

Q: What does the committee look for when selecting an applicant?

A: Obviously there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this since we see a diverse group every year, and our committee votes in two rounds in order to narrow it down the the winners. What we CAN tell you is that paying attention to the instructions is important. Those who complete the instructions accurately are better positioned because it demonstrates an attention to detail. We also encourage applicants to thoughtfully write their essay section to stand out, demonstrate why they need the scholarship, and to show us who they really are through the written portion.


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