About Us

At FOSRX/FAST, it is our mission to serve patients with chronic medical conditions that require detailed specialized medication management. Our team of healthcare professionals customize home infusion and specialty needs, and the extensive monitoring required to generate favorable outcomes. Our encouragement of patient advocacy, our unique pharmacist credentials, and our personal relationships with our patients, separate us from the competition.


Founded in 2014, Factor One Source Pharmacy is a Specialty Pharmacy with an unwavering commitment to excellence in providing treatments and products for our patients with outstanding customer service. Headquartered in Cumberland, Maryland, we are a fast-growing company that is focused on enhancing patient safety and medication adherence.

At the end of 2016 Factor One Source Pharmacy acquired Fast Access Specialty Therapeutics, and Factor One Source FAST Pharmacy (FOSRX/FAST) began working together as a combined entity. FAST was founded in 2010 in Metairie, Louisiana.

In 2017, FOSRX/FAST further expanded into the south by acquiring a specialty pharmacy based in Lancaster, Texas.

At the end of 2018 FOSRX/FAST was acquired by InfuCare Rx.

In 2019, the Louisiana branch of FOSRX/FAST moved from Metairie to Kenner, Louisiana.

FullSizeRenderOur Founder

Our founder and Vice President of Operations, Dr. Sajal Roy graduated from The University of the Sciences in 2004 with his PharmD.  After graduating he pursued Board Certifications in Patient Safety, Geriatrics, Anticoagulation, and Specialty. 

Dr. Roy is a former Commissioner on the Maryland Board of Pharmacy and National Boards of Pharmacy, and is an Officer of the FDA for Sterile Compounding matters affecting the State of Maryland.  Additionally, Dr. Roy is the only quadruple board certified pharmacist in the United States (PharmD, CGP, CACP, CPSO, CSP), and sat as a commissioner for the Maryland Board of Pharmacy, in addition to serving as Chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Task Force.

Dr. Roy now serves on The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. He was appointed in 2019 to represent Board District 1-A, and will serve a 6-year term.