Donation Drive for Harvey Victims

With locations in Texas, Louisiana, and Maryland, the devastation from Hurricane Harvey has been on our minds and close to our hearts. The stress of the storm will be felt for months as people try to regain their lives.

In response, we will be starting a drive at our each of our locations that will go until the end of the month to collect new socks/underwear/clothing/and other essential supplies that will be donated directly to victims of the storm. 

If you’d like to contribute, please drop off any of the listed items at one of our pharmacies by September 30. 


  • FOSRX 308 Virginia Ave,
    Cumberland, Maryland 21502
  • FAST 3131 N I-10 Service Rd E, #202
    Metairie, LA 70002
  • FAST 2600 W Pleasant Run RD STE 1-173
    Lancaster, TX 75146

“We know exactly what those affected by Harvey are going through since we experienced it with Katrina. Our hearts go out to those people and we are just happy and blessed to be able to help others the way we were helped!”

-Bianca Pleasant, CPhT, Louisiana Office

Patient Recipient of a 2017 Teen Impact Award

A big congratulations to one of our hemophilia patients, Chance Abrams, who just received a 2017 Teen Impact Award (sponsored by Shire) at NHF’s 69th Annual Meeting. These awards are given to teens who are making a positive impact in their Hemophilia Community through volunteering and mentoring. 

Chance is 18 years old dreams of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. He would also like to return to Camp Clot Not one day to volunteer as the infusion nurse.

He recently graduated from Wetumpka High School, and is attending UAB to pursue a degree in nursing. He currently volunteers at camp in the medical hut and helps with mixing and administering factor during Camp Clot Not, as well as encouraging the younger kids to go for a “big stick award” by sticking themselves for the first time.  This is something that he accomplished at the age of 12, the first year that he attended as a camper.

Way to go Chance! We’re proud to know you!

Texas Bleeding Disorders Conference

This year’s Texas Bleeding Disorder Conference was a huge success with over 600 consumers in attendance. The meeting kicked off on Friday Aug 4th, and continued through Sunday Aug 6th in Woodlands, TX.

The conference consisted of many breakout session focused on Family and patient issues. During the Conference there were exhibit times open to families to visit with Manufacturers and Specialty Pharmacies.

Factor One Source/FAST had a prime location and we were able to introduce our new display and new swag items and printed marketing materials (in both Spanish and English). We experienced large volume of traffic in the booth and were able to meet many wonderful families.

It was so exciting meeting all of the Texas folks. The Chapters, HTC nurses and attendees were extremely friendly and we received a big Texas welcome! We are truly looking forward to sponsoring future events and building relationships in the wonderful state of Texas.  

FOSRX/FAST at Thunder Road Event

We recently had a great time at the the Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota/Dakotas event held in Sioux Falls at Thunder Road. Held on July 29, the event began with an exhibitor meet and greet, followed by some educational talks by Sanford Children’s physical therapist, social worker, and the director of HFMD.

After a lunch with the families in attendance, we were given wrist bands and everyone was able to enjoy the rides there. It was a fun time. Our rep, Candice Leclerc, was able to reconnect with familiar faces in addition to meeting several new families. There were 90 people in attendance! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Extreme Heat

It’s HOT out there! 

It is very important that we take the proper precautions to protect ourselves from the effects of the sun and extreme heat!

Here are some easy guides from the CDC to reference for your Summer Safety:

Extreme Heat .PDF

Sun Safety – Skin Cancer Info

If you have any questions or need more information on Sun Safety and Extreme Heat Awareness you can reach us by calling 877-327-8881.

Cover Up and Stay Cool!

National Safety Month

June, 2017


Do you have questions or concerns about safe disposal of your specialty medication?

We’ve compiled some easy resources to help you find the best practices.

To find a quick recommendation on medication disposal, use the information in the following links:

FDA Guidelines: “Do’s and Don’ts: Safe Disposal of Needles and Other Sharps Used At Home, At Work, or While Traveling”

Safe Needle Disposal: Be smart with sharps

For state specific guidelines and to find local collection sites in your area, use the following link:

Safe Needle Disposal Near You

The DEA offers medication take back days two times a year. To find the next available date and location visit the DEA website here.

If you have any questions or need more information on safe disposal of medications you can reach us at 877-327-8881.

Be safe out there!

FOSRx/FAST Specialty Pharmacy to Expand in TX While Closing Location in TN

Cumberland, MD — May 26, 2017

Factor One Source Pharmacy (FOSRx/FAST) announced today the acquisition of a Dallas, TX specialty pharmacy. In parallel, an existing FOSRx/FAST pharmacy location in Dickson, TN will be acquired by the same pharmacy. The official date of the acquisitions and divestitures is expected to be May 26, 2017.

The deal was initiated by FOSRx/FAST to strengthen market presence in the Louisiana-Texas area, and to leverage existing relationships with providers, payors, and their patient base.

“FOSRx/FAST has a strong market presence in the south-central US, and the acquisition of a Dallas, TX pharmacy provides the structure to continue expansion in the region,” said Dr. Sajal Roy, President and Chief Executive Officer to FOSRx/FAST.

“While we are disappointed to leave the Nashville, TN market, we had to do so because of payor reimbursement changes centered around the State Medicaid TennCare. The pharmacy acquiring our Dickson location follows a model that will allow for them to be successful in this type of market while we focus on regions conducive to our business model. This mutual agreement will make both of our companies stronger and more competitive in the specialty pharmacy landscape,” said Roy.

The acquisition of the Dallas-based specialty pharmacy follows Factor One Source Pharmacy’s acquisition of Fast Access Specialty Therapeutics (FAST) earlier this year in Metairie, LA.


FOSRx/FAST, is a dual-entity specialty pharmacy headquartered in Cumberland, Maryland with the ability to serve patients with a variety of medical conditions nationwide. The combined specialty pharmacies are each dual accredited, and offer convenient medicine delivery for specialty conditions to the location of patients’ choice: home, hospital, physician’s office, or infusion center. The company focuses on clinical experience, patient support, and has excelled in servicing people with complex or hard-to-manage medications for Ig therapy, neurology, rheumatology, dermatology, hematology, oncology, addiction recovery, and osteoporosis.


Contact us with questions at, or for more information about FOSRx/FAST, please visit us at To follow us on social media, find us on Twitter at @FOSRxFAST, on Instagram @fosrxfast, and like us on Facebook at

Written by: J. Kelly


Patient Education: Traveling

Traveling This Summer?

If you are on a specialty medication and plan on traveling this summer, there are some things to consider before you walk out the door.

When Planning Your Trip:

  1. Call TSA if you plan on flying: 855-787-2227

Ask specifically about bringing liquid or cold medications through security.

  1. Call your airline ahead of time

Find out if there are any airline specific rules or accommodations for patients flying with specialty medications. (They may differ from TSA regulations)

  1. Contact the company that makes your medication

Many companies provide free travel accessories specifically for specialty medications. They may also have more information about storage and handling. The drug company’s contact information can be found in the paperwork provided with your medication and online.

  1. Contact the Hotel

Ask about the availability of a refrigerator for storing your medication.

When You Leave:

  1. Make sure your medication is packaged and labeled properly.
  2. Provide the TSA agent with your medication when you get to security.
  3. Make sure your medication stays cold while in transit.


If you have any questions or need more information on traveling with your specialty medication you can reach us at 877-327-8881.

Enjoy your trip!



Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

The time has come! We are accepting applications from eligible applicants from May 1 – June 30, 2017.

Over the past 3 years Factor One Source Pharmacy has offered over $25,000.oo worth of scholarship money to students diagnosed with complex and hard-to-manage conditions seeking higher education. We are so proud of previous FOSRx Scholars and are excited to induct three more outstanding applicants to our ranks.

Click to download an updated application: 2017 Application

Remember that submissions must include a photo (without copyright conflicts) and completed application be sent in a combined email to with all the requirements met. To read a full list of eligibility and submission requirements, visit our scholarship page.

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