Licensed in 50 States


Factor One Source Pharmacy is officially licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


What does that mean for our patients?

We’re a friendly phone call away

If you have been considering Factor One Source Pharmacy as your new specialty pharmacy, rest assured that no matter where you live, we will do everything to be able to provide services for you, and are committed to continually expanding our reach. We are friendly, accessible, and detail oriented while providing the convenience of shipping the life-saving medications you need, right to your door.

Contact us for more information.

Factor One Source Pharmacy Delivers

With all the holiday packages you are receiving and sending this season, we thought we’d give you some background and insight into our own shipments.

FOSRx sends medical product and supply packages to our patients all over the nation, all year long. Our team maintains an organized schedule tracking your medication usage in order to always ship your products when you need them. We carefully sort the products ahead of time and manage deliveries to accommodate your life.

IMG_0307We also understand that sometimes patients can have special circumstances (and even emergencies) that arise, leaving them unexpectedly unprepared for their next treatment, dose, etc. In situations like this, we ship overnight so that you will have your product as fast as possible. 

We never want you to be without your products and supplies. We want you to focus on spending quality time with your loved ones.

To join the FOSRx Family of patients, or to simply learn more, call us directly (844-77-FOSRX) or contact us through the Contact Page, and someone from our team will connect with you.

At Factor One Source Pharmacy, your specialty prescription is our number one factor.

Check Out The Factor One Source Pharmacy App!

INTRODUCING: The Factor One Source Pharmacy App.

This new App has been in development for several months as a result of a general desire to make doctor visits and patient prescription coordination EASIER for everyone. This App allows providers and patients to have real time access to medications and their available assays. It leads to less phone calls, less guess work, and an overall smoother experience.

You don’t have to be a patient of ours to utilize the App’s services. Simply download it, register, and begin using immediately. We think it will improve your specialty prescription experience.

Click here to visit the App Store to download the Factor One Source Pharmacy App today.  And don’t forget to leave us a review in iTunes to let us know what you think!



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