Happy Caregiver, Happy Pharmacy! A FAST Testimonial

Location: Louisiana Only one word to describe my experience since using this company and there wonderful nurses and that word would be AMAZING! My son was born with hemophilia A 13 years ago and has went through many many different home health companies. I cannot even begin to name all the nurses with these companies I have used considering how many we have went through, it was just total chaos. You would never see the same nurse more than once. Always new ones coming in and out at different times each time, well let me tell you that makes for a pretty hectic & unorganized life which at times seemed to be worse then the condition itself. Each visit a new nurse with no previous knowledge of my sons medications are medical history just a few notes from the last nurse whom was also a stranger. It made communication almost impossible resulting in hospital stays that probably could have been prevented had the nurses known us and our history and not just a name on a patient log and diagnosis. We were hospitalized most of 2014 two hours away from our home and family for several different things, seemed we would never see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Red Tie Challenge 2017

Throughout the month of March, which is nationally recognized to be Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month, the teams at each of our three locations participated in the 2017 "Red Tie Challenge." NHF’s Red Tie Challenge aims to advance the fight against inheritable bleeding disorders by raising funds for its research, education and advocacy initiatives. More than three million Americans have either hemophilia, von Willebrand disease or rare factor deficiencies, all of which prevent the blood from clotting normally; can result in extended bleeding after injury, surgery or trauma; and can be fatal if not treated effectively. Take a look below at FOSRx/FAST employees sporting their ties to support our patients.
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Spring Renewal

Today, March 20, marks the astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as equinox. Since night and day are nearly exactly the same length – 12 hours – all over the world the event literally means 'equal night' (equi – equal, and nox – night). The equinox marks the change of seasons, as the balance of light shifts to make for longer days or nights. It usually means that it's time to hunker down for colder seasons, or time to rise and shine for warmer ones. Just as spring brings new life and opportunities to the nature around us, it also provides new opportunities for taking the wheel of your life. We encourage you to do this by making new goals of managing your medical care on your terms, and by ultimately taking control of your health. We too have a renewed goal to provide our patients with amazing customer service. You can count on us.
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FAST Access Rx Awarded Specialty Pharmacy ACHC Accreditation

Fast Access Specialty Therapeutics (FAST), a specialty pharmacy that was recently acquired by Factor One Source Pharmacy (FOSRx), announces today that they have officially earned Accreditation Commission of Healthcare (ACHC) Accreditation in the field of Specialty Pharmacy (SRX). Established in 1986, The ACHC Accreditation program supports the efforts of its accredited organizations to help deliver safe, high quality care and services. Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of an organization. The ACHC held their rigorous on-site survey of FAST in Metairie, Louisiana on January 26th, 2017 and granted accreditation to FAST for all services surveyed under the Specialty Pharmacy on February 3, 2017. During the survey, compliance with ACHC standards reflecting key organizational areas were evaluated, including the provision of care, treatment and services, emergency management, human resources, individual rights and responsibilities, and leadership. The accreditation process also provided FOSRx with education and guidance to help staff continue to improve its program’s performance.
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F.A.S.T. Employee Highlight: Adam Myers, PharmD

Adam Myers is a pharmacist and leader at our recently acquired F.A.S.T. office in Metairie, LA (3131 N I 10 Service Rd E). He was born and raised in Louisiana. He graduated from pharmacy school from Xavier University in 2001, and has worked in retail pharmacies since 1997. Adam was a co-founder of F.A.S.T. in 2010, and is extremely proud of its success and growth. "[In the beginning] being where we are today seemed like so far away," he said.
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Transferring is Easy

Are you unsatisfied with your current specialty pharmacy? Have there been multiple service failures that left you frustrated? Have you wondered what transferring your prescription entails? It's easy. We have patient navigators who will contact your doctors, your insurance providers, and answer any questions you may have. It's a no pressure situation that ultimately gives you and your family options.  We focus on high quality service. It's our thing. Let us help you. No matter which state you live in, or what insurance you may have, reach out to us today. We will do all the leg work, because we want your family to have the best care possible. Contact us through email, or call 844-773-6779. Have your insurance card handy, and we'll do the rest.  

Announcing FOSRx Acquisition of F.A.S.T.

Factor One Source Pharmacy (FOSRx) and Fast Access Specialty Therapeutics (F.A.S.T.) announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which FOSRx will acquire F.A.S.T. for a combination of cash and stock. Together the two companies are projected to generate approximately $136 million dollars in revenue in 2016 and are projecting $156 million in revenue for 2017. F.A.S.T. will retain its brand, but will function under the umbrella of FOSRx, and will add “Powered by Factor One Source Pharmacy” to its name moving forward. F.A.S.T.’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen LaCoste, and Chief Operating Officer, Adam Myers, fully support the transaction. Sajal Roy, PharmD, CGP, CACP, CPSO, CSP and Chief Executive Officer to FOSRx, will become CEO to both companies effective immediately.
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Happy Holidays from FOSRx

The holidays are a time where people come together, reminisce about the year they've shared, and look forward to the new year with hope and excitement. The Factor One Source Pharmacy team consists of over 20 employees that span from coast to coast working tirelessly to build something great. We support many causes, provide scholarships, attend awareness walks, and host wellness events in states all over the nation. But none of that compares to our core role: filling your specialty prescription. At our company, the holidays present an opportunity for us to recognize and remember our incredible patients and their families who not only keep us in business, but who also make coming to work worth it. Because we are an inclusive, yet tight-knit group focused on highly specialized care for each patient, we often get to know our patients well, and care about them as individuals. It is to you, we say thank you. We had a wonderful year. We hope you did too. May 2017 be one of health and happiness for you and yours. Thank you for trusting us with your care, and most importantly, thank you for being a part of the FOSRx Family.  


Reconnecting the Mind and Body Through Fitness

You're Invited

The power of the mind is infinite. Learn how the power of the mind is suppressed through stress and activated through relaxation. Tap into this power by entering present moment awareness and discover how having a healthy mind can help you deal with obstacles caused by hemophilia to unleash your fitness potential and enhance athletic performance. If you are a bleeding disorder patient (Hemophilia A, B, vWD, or rare disorder) and live in the Omaha, Nebraska area, you are cordially invited to a Fitness and Wellness Presentation geared specifically to your needs and interests onon Thursday, October 27th at 6:00 pm the Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom (1111 Harney Street) in Omaha.
Factor One Source Pharmacy will be co-sponsoring the presentation and dinner with Aptevo Therapeutics.
Special guest Cassie Starks, a hemophilia community member, advocate, and TaiJi Fit Instructor, will be speaking. Dinner will also be included.
Contact us directly if you'd like to learn more information or to reserve your seat today!