Monthly Education Topics


Giving our patients ongoing education and resources is an important service we provide. Each month we will add a new area of focus for continued patient education, listed below.


October 2018: Breast Cancer

September 2018: Pain

August 2018: Hepatitis

July 2018: Tuberculosis

June 2018: Heat-related illness

May 2018: Arthritis

April 2018: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

March 2018: Nutrition

February 2018: Heart Health

January 2018: Stress

December 2017: Preventing Falls

November 2017: Hand Hygiene

October 2017: Osteoporosis Education

September 2017: The Flu and the Flu Vaccine

August 2017: Eye Exam Month

July 2017: Extreme Heat & Sun Safety

June 2017: National Safety Month

May 2017: Travel Information