National Caregivers Month


When you have a chronic illness or complicated medical condition, you usually need the help and support of others at one point or another.  At Factor One Source Pharmacy, we recognize this November as National Caregivers Month, and celebrate the of thousands of men and women who selflessly care for people in need of ongoing help.

Taken from the CDC website:

Caregiving takes many forms. Many of us help out family members and friends who are older, sick, or disabled every day but don’t think of ourselves as caregivers. Caregiving can range from providing short- or long-term financial assistance or running errands to providing comprehensive round-the-clock care. Although some people receive care from paid caregivers, most rely on unpaid assistance from families, friends and neighbors. Many people become caregivers unexpectedly, which can be very difficult.

So here’s our shout-out to all the people our patients rely on: the caregivers. To you we say, THANK YOU.  You’re amazing, and often times, under-appreciated.

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