FOSRx Pharmacist Spotlight: Jennifer Burton, D.Ph.

WIN_20160503_09_39_22_Pro (2)Today at Factor One Source Pharmacy we are pleased to feature Jennifer Burton, D.Ph., the Pharmacy Director of our Dickson, Tennessee location. Burton joined the FOSRx Team in February, 2016 and brings a wealth of experience through her more than 2 decades of working in the industry.

Each of our pharmacists have been actively pursuing licensure in multiple states in order to provide the best possible service to our patients.  Burton has so far succeeded in becoming licensed in both Tennessee and Kentucky, and plans to take on more states in the future. In addition, she intends to become a board certified Specialty Pharmacist, which is experience based and also requires passing a test covering multiple specialties, including inflammatory diseases, oncology infectious-HIV,hepatitis, MS, blood disorders, immune disorders, and more.

While certifications and licensures require some continued education, Burton feels that doing elective Continuing Medical Education is simply good practice.

“I like to take care of my patients like I would my friends and family, so that means knowing as much as I can in order to be in a good position to do that.”

Burton’s professional background was originally in the community pharmacy field. While she enjoyed her work, she had substantial frustrations while working with big corporations. She felt that customer service suffered because every decision was driven by numbers and metrics.  

Jennifer Burton-min“Being at a smaller company allows for better service all around,” she said.  “If something needs to be fixed, it’s easier to accomplish because I don’t have to go through multiple layers of management who have pretty much no power to resolve problems efficiently.  There’s more of a family feel and focus on the patient.”

Born in Nashville, Burton always knew that she would like to end up somewhere in the medical/scientific community, but never foresaw becoming a pharmacist.  “My original plan was marine biology and working at SeaWorld, but that was a little far from home, and was probably a little less than realistic,” she said.  She abandoned that idea her senior year in high school and decided to pursue other ventures. At some point during her sophomore year at Ole Miss, her advisor suggested that she take the PCAT, which which was being administered within a few weeks of their conversation. She took it and was accepted for the following fall, and the rest is history. “I love where I am now and think Specialty Pharmacy work is going to be a great fit for me.”

Burton loves spending her free time at the lake with her husband,  two daughters, and their chocolate lab named Zeke. She can be contacted at, or by calling: 844.773.6779 ext. 107.


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