What does it do?

Download this application to: 

-Set up a prophylaxis infusion schedule with reminders
-Input bleeding events
-Report events to medical providers
-View and share infusion and bleed history
-Set up personalized notifications
-Contact info for technical support and specialty pharmacy support

The FAST FACTOR App also provides medical professionals with up-to-date assays of the most common medications/factor concentrates that patients use in their home-infusion treatments.

Who is it for?

The FAST FACTOR App was specifically designed with infusion-therapy patients, caregivers, and doctors in mind.

How will it help?

If you are a caregiver or patient with a bleeding disorder that requires treatment (prophylactically or on-demand), this application allows you to ditch the notebook and go digital. The FAST FACTOR App helps you track your treatments, set up a schedule with reminders, solicit support, and report events to your medical team, all from the device you carry around in your pocket.  

Medical professionals may also utilize this application. Doctors may view available assays in addition to their patients’ data/reports.  This App essentially cuts out the middle-man, and saves time. By having current listings of drug assays, it is intended to decrease overall waiting time, phone calls, and the coordination that needs to happen between the patient, the insurance provider, and the healthcare team.

Where can I get it?

The FAST FACTOR App is available on both  iTunes and Google Play. It is FREE. You don’t even have to be a FOSRX/FAST Pharmacy patient to use it. It is a resource designed to help you on your journey of attaining the best treatment and healthcare possible.

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