Patient Education: Traveling

May, 2017

Traveling This Summer?

If you are on a specialty medication and plan on traveling this summer, there are some things to consider before you walk out the door.

When Planning Your Trip:

  1. Call TSA if you plan on flying: 855-787-2227

Ask specifically about bringing liquid or cold medications through security.

  1. Call your airline ahead of time

Find out if there are any airline specific rules or accommodations for patients flying with specialty medications. (They may differ from TSA regulations)

  1. Contact the company that makes your medication

Many companies provide free travel accessories specifically for specialty medications. They may also have more information about storage and handling. The drug company’s contact information can be found in the paperwork provided with your medication and online.

  1. Contact the Hotel

Ask about the availability of a refrigerator for storing your medication.

When You Leave:

  1. Make sure your medication is packaged and labeled properly.
  2. Provide the TSA agent with your medication when you get to security.
  3. Make sure your medication stays cold while in transit.

If you have any questions or need more information on traveling with your specialty medication you can reach us at 877-327-8881.

Enjoy your trip!